Experiencing true African Wild

From giraffes to lions to elephants, you can experience the rush of being so close to the African jungle when you tour with Wild Caravan Safaris.



Wild Caravan Safaris is an indigenous Tour and Travel outfit dedicated to provide bespoke African travel Experience in Uganda and the East African Region.

We pride ourselves for being small, with intimate knowledge of the vast Eastern Africa Region. 

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Our fly-ins and overland Caravan safaris ushers you into the region through diverse terrain lakes and mountains, thick impenetrable forest and savannah grassland shimmering in many aquatic life and teeming with distinct wild games.

Our excursions include, African Volcanoes and adventures, African Primates and Gorilla tracking, Magical Coast and Beaches, other extreme and leisure adventures and sports like mountain climbing, white water rafting, bungee jumping, quad biking, bicycle safaris and many more.

Our in-depth cross cultural experience and knowledge of the history of many communities in Uganda and the Region, makes us the preferred partner for “many a traveler” including those visiting Uganda and Africa for the first time. However, those who have been here before, such as frequent visitors and resident foreigners have found our services quite amiable to their taste. We organise group tours, conferences and retreats, team building activities, manage itineraries for your valuable visitors, and offer study tours and experiential learning.

Many independent travelers, families, missionaries and volunteers have benefited from our services. With experience in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of Congo, Wild Caravan Safari looks forward to welcoming you into the fold of our ever-growing family and community of adventurists and travelers.


We carefully chose our destinations to give you a complete and Authentic African experience.


Sir Winston Churchill and scores of other visitors have been here and have described it as truly the pearl of Africa. Visit some of our remote and rustic destinations and marvel in the beauty hospitality and revel in the amiable nature of its people. Always happy and ready to welcome you. Uganda is host to many world heritage site and the great mighty Nile River has its source at the world’s second largest fresh water lake. Uganda has more than half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas that is definitely a must see on many bucket lists. View our one day city tours, Classic Uganda Safari, Fly in Safaris, Primate Safaris or contact for your boutique service.


This is a home to many firsts: host to Africa’s largest and oldest conservation Area with diverse vegetation’s and terrain. Congo shares the Virunga where mountain gorillas are also tracked with its east African NeighboursUganda and Rwanda however it’s most popular attractions amongst our clients has so far been Nyiragongo Volcano Trek, hike the world’s largest lava lake situate at Nyiragongo most clients prefer to combine their Nyiragongo volcano Trek with gorillas and primates safaris and Big game Safaris in Uganda. Try our Primates and Volcano combo.
3 Days Nyiragongo Volcano Trek
3 Days Gorilla Trek
5-10 Days Primates and Volcano – Rwanda Congo Uganda


Rwanda has made major strides in economic gains. Kigali airport is close to Virunga ranges in the three countries that shares it making it the most convenient fly in destination.
Clients fly in via Kigali where you find our friendly staff waiting to pick you up and drive you to any tracking point In Uganda, DR Congo or even Rwanda. Rwanda has some of the most startling birding destinations Nyungwe Forest and Park Volcanoes offers a wide range of Avian and primate life. Our Phoenix City tour safari package gives you a glimpse at rwanda’s past and its astronomical stride and comeback from the arshes of ethnic violence into the beacon of hope it is today.


Kenya’s attraction is as wide and diverse as its landscape and geographical features. It offers arrays of both overland and aquatic creatures that makes it truly a magical safari destinations. With recent addition of standard gauge railway it is now easier to get from one attraction to the next with ease that surpasses most rivalling destinations. Kenya Boast of diverse game from the big five to the small five. Kenya’s game parks, reserves and other wildlife protection areas host some of the wildest game with unique landscapes, geographical features, thus a vast array of game ensues.
The annual Wildebeest Migration at the infamous Maasai Mara between mid-August and late October is a sight to relish. Witness the wild nature at its best as hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, topi and elands takes the perilous journey across a treacherous terrain against a back drop of harsh wether condition hounded by hordes of marauding predators to search for greener pastures.


Tanzania; the East African country known for its vast wilderness areas that includes; the plains of Serengeti National Park, a safari mecca populated by the “big five” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino), and Kilimanjaro National Park, home to Africa’s highest mountain with its summit at 19,340 feet (5,895 meters), Offshore lie the tropical islands of Zanzibar, with Arabic influences, and Mafia, with a marine park home to whale sharks and coral reefs. Tanzania the classic Safari destinations has the largest animal population density out of any country in the world. There are more animals per square mile of land in Tanzania than in any other country Tanzania experiences some of the most luminescent moons in the world. Let us tailor your safari to include some of the most mesmerizing attractions Africa has to offer. Book with us to hike the Kilimanjaro and scale to Africa’s rooftop. Marvel at the cradle of man. Do the Northern circuit Tarangire, and the Serengeti. Let us take you to experience authentic Swahili culture at the coast explore Zanzibar.


Wild Caravan safaris gives you the ultimate Africa experience Our Safari packages are designed to take you to the mesmerizing tracks of thorn bush Savannah teeming with Lions, buffalos, Elephants, Antelopes and a range of hunting cats, typical of equatorial Africa, through the lush expanse of tropical rain forest, shimmering lakes and rivers heaving with aquatic life and the glacial peaks of Africa’s tallest mountain ranges. We make bespoke safari just for your convenience. However if you like any of our suggestive safaris we will customize it to fit your lifestyle.

Our tour Packages include:

  • Primate and Cultural Safaris
  • Wildlife and game safaris
  • Adventure Safaris- White water rafting Safaris
  • AVIAN SAFARI EXPERIENCE Bird watching safaris
  • Mountain climbing safaris
  • African Volcano Hikes
  • Eco tourism and adventure holiday safaris–Nature walk and scenic beauty Safaris
  • Nile Fishing Competition- enjoy the annual fishing expedition in Murchison combine it with Kidepo extension, Primates and Big game safari.



Looking for safaris in There is a wide range of safari Experience that include sightseeing trips and exciting adventure activities; gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris, white water rafting, mountaineering etc. These trips take you to the top hotspots, national parks, remote beaches and many other hidden places off the tourist routes.


Kampala a city originally built on Seven Hills bustle in Life with hordes of places to visit like museums, tombs, churches, mosques and other cultural sites.
Our day city tour offers you the opportunity to see Kampala’s unique cultural sites including Kasubi Tombs, the Uganda Museum, Lubiri, visit local markets and exhibitions and Unique religious sites such as Uganda martyrs shrine Gadhafi mosque cathedrals temples and the Baha’i temple etc.


Former colonial administration headquarters Entebbe now known as the airport town bustles with a lot of beach activities along the shores of Lake Victoria. Entebbe has Uganda’s only true botanical Garden, wildlife education center and a reptile park.
Ngamba Island a sanctuary for formerly trafficked and rescued chimps now host.
Snake Park. Exclusive Reptile Park
UWEC Formerly Uganda’s zoo but now turned into a Wild life education center combined with the botanical garden gives you a sneak peek into Uganda’s fauna and flora.


Jinja an old industrial turn now bustling with a lot of tour and travel facilities rivals Fort portal Uganda’s tourism city with hordes of Nile water and lake Victoria related activities. Perhaps the adventure capital of Uganda it is where the source of the nile is and has White water rafting, Bungee diving. Sunset cruise to the source of the Nile. Quad Biking. Eco walk etc.


Gulu a resurgent city fast developing after the over two decades of debilitating LRA KONY insurgency is home to the famous Acholi people known for their food and expressionistic art culture.
Enjoy their wide aray of local and staple food and their arasy of dance traditions. Acholi dance to every rhythm of life. In both sadness and Joy war and celebration of life.
There are few built monuments and historic sites Telling the checkered past of the Acholi and people of the interior of Africa. Visit Fort Baker at Patiko a former slave trading garrison and stop by Lokodi memorial site for victims of LRA conflict whose commander Dominic Ongwen alleged to be responsible is facing trial at ICC this combines the dark history of the interior of Africa slave trade and Contemporary complex emergencies

Aruu Falls most spectacular in the wet season, is a site to marvel. A short distance from Gulu or Kitgum can be a welcome detour while enroute to or from Kidepo. It is also most frequented for Picnic and team building camp and local music concert.


For those who are short on time and have just about a day this day trip is your best option of experiencing an African Safari. This trip starts and end in Gulu.
Chobe Relaxation.- Chobe offers a luxury that many envy, voted by lonely planet as 2012 world’s best Safari hotel Rivaled only by Disney Safari themed park . Can offer a comforting day relief from your hectic schedule. We can arrange for your Lunch trip and you don’t pay the full amount of park entry. While you relax at their pool and enjoy your lunch while reveling at the marvels of the Nile as it lazily meanders on its way to the Mediterranean a big contrast to the rapturous rush that you see at just a few kilometers either way at Karuma falls or Murchison’s falls.


An exceptional 3 day gorilla tour to Uganda’s most popular sight, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the best place to go gorilla trekking in Uganda. Bwindi, home to nearly half of the total remaining population of the mountain gorillas attracts visitors from around the globe who are interested in gorilla tracking. Located in South Western Uganda, Bwindi offers a privilege of encountering one of world’s rarest animals, the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.


Our most popular adventure tour of Uganda is this 7 Day Uganda Safari. This tour takes you to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Kibale Forest and Queen Elizabeth National Park.


As you are driven through the rolling hills of Western Uganda, be enchanted by its undulating hills, local plantations, farms and villages.
This safari takes a unique combination of the hidden treasures of Uganda; game parks for wildlife game viewing, tropical rainforests for primates watching and fascinating culture of the Ugandan people. Enjoy gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, wildlife game drives and photography on this tour.


Our 10 Days Western Uganda Safari is a must for anyone who wants to discover western Uganda with its unique characteristic of Africa’s old tropical forest morphing into equatorial Savana. The diverse vegetation gives a unique scenery and with abundant and unique fauna and flora including the rare and endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, safari parks teeming with wildlife, undulating hills, lakes and rivers, most important its people and their culture don’t miss the Batwa and the lake island formerly used as prison for who gets pregnant before marriage.
Activities include game drives, boat cruises, chimpanzee & gorilla trekking and hiking culture walks.


Our 15 Days Uganda Safari. Offers you unique opportunity to experience the best of Uganda in a short vacation explore the western circuit of lakes , primate and Savana before you proceed mid north for the majestic Murchison’s falls and wonders of the nile valley For a memorable getaway from the everyday hustles .
Activities includes. You will track the endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, watch wild game in national parks take boat cruises and hike the to the top of the falls at Murchison. With possible extension to Kidepo before winding down at the adventure capital of Uganda Jinja for the source of the Nile and attendant activities.


Our 20 Days discover the pearl takes you on a rollercoaster trip across Uganda the pearl of Africa where you experience the rapidly shifting landscape, sceneries, different people and their culture. You also get to experience and discover some of the lesser known attractions that those who nip on a short Safari would miss in Uganda. Tour Kampala, Lake Mburo, Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth NP, Kibale Forest National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park Sippi Falls and Jinja the adventure capital of Uganda! While at it take excursions to visit the Batwa Uganda’s forest people and Ik and Manyata’s of the Karimojong. Masai-like-people of Uganda.


Trek the Rwenzori a montane wonderland with snow at the Equator!
Hike through the trails to the snow peaks following glacier carved valleys filled with fantastically colored mosses and rare afro alpine plants that include giant forms of lobelias, heathers and groundsels. The Rwenzori experience can be tailored to give you a world class challenge that sometimes rivals the Everest.


Magical Coast and Beaches
Combined with Best of Tanzania and or  Kenya.
Mombasa, Zanzibar


Fly in Safari

Fly in Primate Safari – Pickup from Kigali and Track in Uganda.

Fly in Volcano Safari –Pick up in Kigali and Hike the Nyiragongo Volcano in DRC Congo.

Extreme and leisure adventures and sports

Scale the Rwenzori  for mountain climbing,

Enjoy the white water rafting bungee jumping on the Nile and Lake Victoria

Do quad biking, bicycle safari

African Primates Safari.

Gorilla Exclusive Safari

Chimp Exclusive Safari

Gorilla and Chimp tracking

Gorilla Habituation Experience – Gorilla Habituation exposes you to learning Gorilla behaviours in ways that Gorilla trekking cant. There are only limited Permits at US$ 1,500. Advanced booking is required. 

Chimp Habituation

Primates and Big Game Safari.

Primates and Birds.

Days Gorilla Trekking Uganda Via Rwanda   arrive via Kigali Rwanda and  track Uganda Gorillas in Bwindi. For accessibility reasons arriving via Rwanda in to Bwindi is much easier and cheaper tracking Uganda Gorillas (USD 600.00) as opposed to Rwanda Gorillas (US$ 1,500).Our dedicated staff will pick you from Kigali enroute to Uganda on a 3-4 hour drive.

Days Fly in Gorilla Adventure: Fly in from Entebe to Either Kihihi or kisoro on Domestic flight and treck Gorilla and fly back or beter still join our western circuit tour and combine primates and Big game safari.

2X Gorilla Tour in Bwindi Track in Kisoro and treck to Buhoma to do yet another exciting gorilla taracking.

Chimpanzee & Gorilla Habituation Safari 

Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, and Bwindi: 

PLatnum Primate Safari.  Fly in Safari and High End accommodations and Exclusive Luxury airport transfer in 4×4 customised Safari Trucks and Executive Boat cruises.


Choose your adventure

  • White water rafting
  • Fishing
  • Mountain climbing and hiking
  • Nature walk and Birding
  • Primate Tracking

Break down barriers and prejudices.

Live and work with a community, experience a world of mutual respect and understanding. Live and demonstrate the possibility of a peaceful and cooperative world.  Participate in our homestay and community immersion activities. Explore the culture and embrace our humanity. Live with the happy people of Africa. Share your dream and …..


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